Diane Helen

Welcome to the world of ME

So welcome to my little corner of the web world.  I have been involved in websites and web development for almost two decades, but all the domains I have registered and created have been for business or teaching purposes. With the ever decreasing price of owning and hosting domains , and having some free time, I decided to register and create this website as a purely personal and somewhat egocentric place in cyberspace. Diane Helen is actually my name, and its the screen name and user name for most things I am involved with on the internet, so I figured it would be a worthy domain name. This will be a place to share information with friends, post and store pictures of my dogs, my life, my friends, and other oddities I am known to share via digital images.

These days my life is fairly quiet, even boring, but from time to time I may come share something I find fun or interesting.

My interests are , of course my dogs and currently the totally INSANE political scene in this country, in fact one may say Im a Junkie for it. Just amazing the cast of circus clowns in the current race for the GOP pres. candidate. Gonna be fun and somewhat nauseating to watch over the next year, but I just cant get enough of it!