Diane Helen

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I am Diane Helen. To my friends Im just Diane. Helen is technically my middle name, but it has been my internet handle for many years.

I currently live , sharing my time between 2 homes. Our main home of 30 years is in Orlando, FL. And our beach house, is a block from the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico, in St Pete Beach, FL. Soon will well get out of Orlando,  and retire and move permanently to the beach!

But Florida is not where I am from. In fact whenever I am asked that question ,the answer is NEVER Florida. it is NEW YORK CITY,. and more specifically, BROOKLYN! My Brooklyn roots have shaped who I am, and what I feel, and where my heart and soul were formed. I was blessed with a wonderful childhood, awesome parents, and just a great, and treasured life, growing up on the streets of Brooklyn.

I am married for almost 37 years to my best friend, and soulmate Howard. We met on a hot summer Brooklyn night, at a red light. We have 1 son, almost 29 years old, and 2 wonderful and adorable Golden Retrievers, Denali (11) and Autumn (10)


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